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Here at Maryville Martial Arts, we try to teach more than just the physical aspects of the martial arts. We also try very hard to teach the traditional values such as honor, integrity, respect for others and for ourselves, discipline and self-discipline, loyalty and humility. We also teach that the martial arts is used only for self-defense.


The class is also a good healthy way to work out. You will use muscles you don't normally use everyday. It is a good aerobic workout

as well and will help you to tone and firm up the body. The class can also help you mentally as well as physically. Since everything we do in class is done by memory, this helps you exercise your mind as well. This has helped many, many, students with their school grades.


Though we are not a "tournament oriented school, there are about five or six tournaments a year that our class does try to support. I participate by helping judge and referee the events. Some of our students enjoy competing, some go help score keep and time keep and some go to just cheer on their fellow students and friends. This is also a good way to meet and develop friendships with fellow martial artists. Students are not required to participate in tournaments. This is totally optional and up to the individual student. Tournament participation is not a requirement for rank promotion.


If you are interested in learning more about our classes, please give me a call at 865-982-8184 and I will get back to you as soon as possible. For more information about us read our about us page as well. Thank You and we look forward to hearing from you!




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